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Generation Hemp, Inc. provides clients with state-of-the-art midstream services within the hemp space through our wholly owned subsidiary GENH Halcyon Acquisition, LLC, at our upgraded facility located in southwestern Kentucky.


We have a modular drying operation, using four belt dryers. Each dryer is equipped with variable temperature settings that provide for a more efficient drying process while protecting the plant’s valuable cannabinoid and terpene properties. These modular systems can produce approximately 1,200 pounds of uniformly dried hemp per hour.


In 2020 we processed over 6 million pounds of wet hemp for various Kentucky and Tennessee clients and expect to dry approximately 11 million pounds of wet hemp in 2021.

Generation Hemp, Inc. serves Kentucky and neighboring states, and each year the radius grows to include additional states.  In 2019 and 2020, we serviced farmers and growers in Kentucky and Tennessee.  In 2021, we have serviced farmers and growers as far as Alabama.


Save time, energy, and money by reducing labor costs, coordinating personnel, space and equipment required to dry, clean, and strip (buck) internally.


Our proven drying equipment is capable of handling 75,000 -100,000 pounds of wet hemp, to less than 10% moisture content, per day. Infeed material is the most important part of the drying process, and we have all the equipment to handle it our facility. Halcyon’s advanced drying services ensure plants are handled and processed delicately in order to maximize quality and minimize degradation.

By providing scalable infrastructure essential to receive and process hemp with high moisture content (“wet”) quickly, we increase efficiencies and capacities during harvest for farmers who need to quickly move harvested hemp while preserving the cannabinoid potency.


Our state-of-the-art cleaning system efficiently and effectively removes hemp stocks, stems and seeds. Our screen and filter system are easily adjusted to meet variable biomass specifications based on buyer needs. As a result, we are able to return customers’ hemp in a highly marketable 'homogenized' biomass form within hours of harvest, depending on the number of pounds per order.  


Additionally, the Company offers safe storage services for processed hemp, which enables farmers to maximize strategic market timing. The Company’s midstream business is fee income oriented, based upon a price per pound of material handled, and therefore is greatly protected from significant commodity price variations. 


Our trading arm works with partners to access buyers throughout the US, Canada and overseas.  Our experienced team has been working with extractors for years and continue to forge new relationships daily.  Our team is constantly evaluating myriad market variables to ensure our farmers and growers secure the greatest value possible.


We understand the importance of accurate and verified testing.  We provide both pre- and post-process Certificate of Analysis including moisture, CBD and THC percentages.  Our Certified On-Site Testing equipment provides verified results within minutes, ensuring greater speed to market for our customers product. Receiving a COA from off-site labs can take up to two weeks.  This extra step can create extensive delays and costs. 



daysOS is the company's proprietary enterprise management database that allows us to store and track key data points throughout the cultivation, drying and cleaning processes. We aggregate critical information to help farmers access best practices and maximize crop potential.  Maintaining key data such as seed variety, plant and harvest date, moisture level, dry time and temperature, and CBD% and THC % assists local and regional growers maximize their yield year after year. 

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Generation Hemp, Inc.'s animal bedding line, "Rowdy Rooster," is made from the hemp hurd byproduct that is produced by the Company’s hemp processing operations. In efforts to create a green and sustainable operation, while also utilizing this byproduct to create an additional revenue stream, animal bedding was the best fiber/hurd product choice as one of the earliest adopted consumer markets for hemp materials. Hemp animal bedding is also one of the healthiest animal bedding materials, as reported in university studies, given its characteristics and the elements that are important to effective, healthy animal bedding.


Hemp animal bedding is also a favorite among consumers, as is conveyed in numerous testimonials that can be found throughout different forums and retail reviews on the internet. Until the last couple of years, hemp hurd and fiber products have been imported to the United States, and have not been as accessible as other materials, which has limited their market exposure.


Rowdy Rooster Hemp animal bedding is made from hemp hurd, fiber, and hemp hurd powder (the wood stalk part of the plant).  Our hemp hurd has been cleaned, kiln heat treated, and finely milled.  This results in maximized absorbency and softness.  We do not use any chemicals or chemical processes, and our entire operation is sustainable and carbon negative. 


Hemp animal bedding, when heat treated, has been proven to inhibit the growth of E. Coli.  Hemp is naturally bacteria, pest, and mold resistant. Of all the bedding materials, it is reported to have the highest absorbency.  Our bedding is mixed with hemp hurd powder, to maximize this absorbency. 

Animals need plenty of fresh, clean and absorbent animal bedding.  This is one of the best ways to maintain animal health and hygiene. Bedding needs to absorb manure and urine that contains harmful ammonia.  Bedding should also provide comfortable cushioning for animals' feet and for chickens, a soft landing spot for the eggs they will lay.  Bedding should also be soft and cushioning enough to allow for proper circulation to ensure an animals' comfort to get a healthy night's sleep. Animals need their sleep too!

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